Kents Cavern, Torquay

Kents Cavern is a series of prehistoric caves in the Wellswood area of Torquay around a mile or town from the centre and harbour. Dating back 2 million years, the caves are now an award winning tourism attraction, educating and attracting many thousands of visitors each year.

The caves are in an area of of Torquay called  Wellswood, in-between Torquay centre and Babbacombe.   There are regular buses and Kents Cavern has a free car park with further parking available on-street.

Kents Cavern explore Kents Cavern shell fire

At Kents Cavern, all visitors are taken on a guided tour of the caves, explaining about how they were formed and some of the findings that were made unearthed.  The story of how the caves were re-discovered in Victorian times by a team led by William Pengelly and evidence of human use is an interesting aspect to the tour.  Finishing of the guided tour, there is a collection or artefacts, the obligatory gift shop and a cafe with views over the valley.  There is also a woodland trail with a children’s challenge to find hidden animals and birds.

So it’s not an all-day attraction, visitors are not likely to spend more than a couple of hours there. However Wellswood is home to some interesting shops and also an attractive walk  down from Kents Cavern down Ilsham Road to Meadfoot Beach, so it is possible to make a full day out in this part of Torquay.

You can read more with details of events throughout the year on the Kents Cavern website.