Paignton Zoo day out


Paignton Zoo day out

We spent a day at Paignton Zoo, the most popular family attraction in South Devon with 2,000 animals and over 1,600 species of plants.

Our top 5 tips

  1. It’s a full day so arrive early to make sure you see everything.
  2. We ate in the restaurant which has good healthy options and plenty of seating.
  3. Try to catch the keepers talk around the park – they are full of knowledge and insight.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes as there is lots of walking between exhibits.
  5. Favourite animals? The meercats, gorillas and tortoises!

Some of the animals

Bird Monkey Monkey Meercat Meercat Gorilla Gorilla Giraffe Flamingo Elephant Crocodile Cheetah Cheetah Tortoise Spider monkey Rhinoceros Peacock Ostrich